Carp Fishing Holidays
in top class Holiday Cottages or Static Caravans

Nineoaks is not a big complex, just a good one, and also one of the naturally prettiest fisheries too! Open all year from sunrise to sunset, it is also a first class Angling and Holiday Center. In 2010 it was chosen by Angler's Mail as one of their "Top 100 Commercial Fisheries" in the whole of the UK. As we have said, not a big complex - just a good one. We have some cracking fish, not necessarily the biggest, but good fighters in excellent condition. Here there are all varieties and colours of Carp, including, Commons, Mirrors, Linear, fully scaled Mirrors, Leather, Black "olde English" Carp, Grass Carp, Koi (White, Yellow, Orange and mottled), Golden Carp, Ghost Commons, Ghost Mirrors and Silver Carp. A few are pictured above.

Not the biggest Carp, but clean, hard fighting Carp of all sizes, and other Coarse Fish too! Here, even the smaller fish think that they're bigger than they are, and never know when to give up scrapping! If you want a good fight with a good bend in your rod then this place takes a lot of beating. You will be surprised just how hard they fight! If you prefer only big Carp, or Carp and no other coarse species then this Fishery is not for you?

Unlike many Commercial Fisheries where the Carp don't spawn at all, here they spawn terrifically. Consequently, we have all sizes of Carp, from beautiful baby Carp, right through to 20lb+ Carp. The average size is probably around 4lb or 5lb, maybe more. Sport is generally good, if not terrific, and good all year round! Although it does slow down a little during the winter months. There are plenty of Carp between 6lb and 10lb and quite a few bigger fish too. However, we are not "an out n' out" Big Carp" complex, just good, clean, hard fighting Carp, plus other Coarse Fish, in the same lakes for some cracking spart! However, we do allow bivvying and Night Fishing by arrangement.

We expect that all fish to be netted, and not lifted out of the water without using a landing net.

Surface Fishing is allowed, and so all good surface baits are allowed too. However, we also want you to take care of the fish, so heavy snatching and thick lines are definitely not permitted. We want you to catch not scare them off by fishing with "anchor rope". It is our belief that for every extra 1lb of breaking strain over 8lb will half your catch rate - everywhere. Catch fish, enjoy the sport and have a thoroughly good time.

In 2006, in an article on "Surface Fishing for Carp" in the Angling Magazine "Improve your Coarse Fishing" we were chosen as one of their best 6 Fisheries in the Country for surface Fishing for Carp. On a good day, which often happens during the summer, anglers regularly catch 50, and occasionally more Carp amongst other species too. On (our infrequent) match days during February or March - over 80lb of Carp has won a match. With 50 (yes fifty) Carp on pole, using single sweetcorn to 4lb line in March; Terrific fishing anywhere!

Nineoaks has 2 Coarse Lakes, and a small Novices Pool. It also has 3 Trout Lakes, and some top class Holiday Accommodation. We are not far away from some stunning Beaches and Coastal Villages. You will have to go a long way to find better, spotlessly clean, fresher smelling accommodation than those that we provided here. We have a couple of Static Caravans, overlooking the lakes, a semi-detached Bungalow plus a Cottage annexe. Both graded by the Welsh Tourist Board at a 4 star standard. They are suitable for an angler, their partner or their family having a luxury holiday. They have Central Heating, fully equipped kitchens, leather couches, power showers - the lot, the only thing we don't have is a "hot Tub"!

While we have some really good Carp, with nearly all of them in "showroom condition", we are not a big venue or a venue where you will catch 30lb+ "BIG CARP". If that is what you prefer, then this is most likely not the venue for you! What we are is a top class "mixed" Coarse Fishery, with quality Carp amongst our other species for a tremendous days fishing and sport.

We are located just 2 miles inland from the Aberystwyth to Cardigan Coast Road. Which means we are close to New Quay and Aberaeron, for beautiful beaches, crystal clear seas and shopping nearby.

Check out the accommodation and fishing details using the following choices, or the Photo Gallery for more pictures :-

Fishing is good too, margin fishing at any time is excellent and night anglers often stop fishing in the very early hours saying “if we didn’t stop we wouldn’t get any sleep” often having landed about 70 Carp in a 24hr session up to 18lb and occasionally bigger.

Surface Fishing for Carp using floating baits such as bread, dog biscuits like Bakers Soft Beef or Chum Mixer is tremendous. In 2006 in an article in Improve Your Coarse Fishing Magazine we were selected as one of the Top 6 Fisheries for "Surface Fishing For Carp"!

For some tremendous sport and excitement try fishing with a Fly Rod, Fly Line, Leader and either a Bait Banded Dog Biscuit or a Dog Biscuit Fly. It will be the most fun standing up fully dressed you've ever had, absolutely fantastic! Check here for a sample after 20 minutes tuition and guidance.

General Coarse fishing is also good, we have some superb Roach fishing with Roach up to 2lb and plenty 1/2lb or bigger, good Bream about 3lb and over, Grass Carp in nearly every lake and plenty of lovely golden green Tench plus Koi and all species or varieties of Carp. The Carp go up to the mid 20’s with plenty around the 10lb mark and many bigger, with the average Carp around 5lb or 6lb.

Getting around the lakes is easy with grassy ramps for the non-ambulant and good sized wooden platforms aplenty. Almost any bait will catch, floating bread and chum mixer pellets being awesome after 4pm, and in the summer months fish tinned Beef Tongue - fantastic and with the usual baits of sweetcorn, luncheon meat, meat balls etc. good anytime at nearly every peg.The House Pool is nearly 10ft deep with a large Lilly bed and plenty of reeds and bushes etc around every lake.

The Main lake being around 3-4ft deep with shallow margins whereas the Novice’s pool is around 6-7ft deep with plenty of smaller fish, and some good sized Carp, to keep every one happy.

Overall a place definitely worth a visit and an excellent place to stay whether for a fishing holiday or a family holiday.

The center is located about 2 miles inland from some of the best sandy beaches and beautiful coast line in Wales. There are plenty of things to do and see just a short drive away. Many fisheries are usually isolated and once on-site you have a long travel to find other things to do. Here, you can fish in the morning, take the wife out during the day and return for some spectacular afternoon and evening fishing. What more do you want - a fantastic holiday, superb accommodation and awesome fishing, and no "black marks"?